Friday, May 6, 2011

Court Street Curb Market

Mama and I drove to Wright's Curb Market on the corner of Court Street and the Southern Blvd today and got some vegetables, none of them grown here but pretty anyway. We also got some squash and a cantaloupe, and Mama got a bag of oranges and some boiled peanuts. They let her sample the peanuts, and it was an easy sale.

There are so many flowers and plants you can't take them all in. Mike took a lot of pictures there last week, and I'm waiting to see those.

I knew I was going back after the geraniums I had seen. I'm the only person in my family who likes them. I don't know how people couldn't love something this pretty. I'll take better pictures when they're out of the car.

I also added 2 ferns for the front porch - as a Mother's Day gift in case anyone forgot.

I've moved them to the front porch, but I've left the rear hatch open, and right now 2 cats are allowed to roam in the car. I did read once about someone bringing home ferns and there being an unwanted visitor in one. The ferns sat in the car all afternoon, so I know if there was a visitor, it's already crawled out and is hiding under my seat waiting for me to get in a lot of traffic to show itself.

Thus the cats.

This little bottle makes me happy. As usual, I'm easily pleased. I was in JoAnn Fabrics last month and saw these bottle in the tempt-you-as-you-check-out rack. I thought they would work better than my plastic water gun for shooting a certain cat who likes to scratch carpet. It does work - great - but there were 2 in the package for maybe $1, so I put Windex in the other. Elise says it might even make her want to clean to have a bottle like this.

The UPS truck and postlady have been ringing my doorbell the past 2 days. I'll get pictures of my surprises for tomorrow.

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