Thursday, May 19, 2011

Camera Gremlins

It's kind of a ho-hum week around here except for my garage door breaking and getting repaired. I took 2 pictures of it and was trying to figure out how I could make it interesting enough to mention on the blog.

Then I plugged my camera into the computer and 7 pictures popped up and downloaded. When I looked at them, I had no idea where they came from.

It's been years since I babysat the grandcat Jack, obviously in the fall of some year.

Life is hard for a cat. Just exhausting. Too tired to stand up to drink water.

Then there were a couple of just random bookshelf pictures taken at Christmas - what Christmas, I have no idea.

But I was glad to see this one. I mentioned a few weeks ago when I was listing my unfinished projects that I had the finishing fabric for a block-of-the-month quilt but had no idea how to put it together. I knew it was log cabins, but I didn't know what direction to place them. Here's my answer.

I'm not sure I like it now, but I think seeing the whole quilt makes more sense, a pattern of the light part of the log cabins. I might place the blocks another way. And I've never been crazy about the bright pink/red color used. I might redo those blocks - on the off chance I ever get around to finishing it. I won't be using that pink and white flower border either. That didn't come in the kit, thank goodness.

As for those pictures of the garage? Maybe they'll turn up in a couple of years.


  1. I like that quilt. And that cat. He's a fat boy.

  2. That is a really good photograph of the cat on the table. Really nice.