Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy Work

Now that Emily and Ryan have received "the package,"I can post a picture of a little project I did complete.

Having a daughter live a continent away is sad. I sometimes start a box to mail and keep it for weeks, just putting in things I think they might like. I guess the main ingredient in this one was self-rising corn meal. For some reason, they've not been able to find this in Washington, and good ole southern cornbread needs it. I also packed a bag of grits. As she was unpacking it last night, she was saying she was going to make grits and salmon for supper. Way to merge the south and the NW!

I used her Anna White Sierra fabrics in these 2 dish towels. All these fabrics are sitting in a box waiting for me to find time to make her quilt. This is just a little teaser. And we love those knitted dishrags. Just a way to make me feel closer to them.

I also emptied 3 of her scrapbooks and sent a whole bunch of pictures from junior high and high school for her to dispose of or keep - or pay back her friends on Facebook. Lots of good material there.

I'm getting ready for my annual doctor's visit today. I guess not annual because I did miss it last year. Fingers crossed there are no surprises.

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  1. Love it!!!

    PS-I got your email and will write back soon. SO good to hear from you!!!