Sunday, May 1, 2011

Better in May

When I last came here in April, my last post was about struggling. I promise I didn't succumb to all my problems. All the "things" seem to be up and running fine - not that I've had a chance to use the embroidery machine. But the computers are fine, and I'm making some progress on cleaning out closets and the garage. A little progress but some.

My main struggles lately are with focus. I have way too many things running through my mind that I want to do and way too little time. I get frustrated and end up doing nothing, just wasting time.

Like reading other people's blogs.

I found a blog last night that I had never seen before,Stitched in Color, and the author Rachel started something huge. She started off by stating a few things - quilting related - that she shouldn't say - just a burst of honesty - and invited others to comment and vent along with her. Much to her surprise, people came out of the woodwork to state their feelings and say things in a somewhat anonymous setting that they wouldn't say aloud. Now there are more than 400 comments and still going, it looks like.

I noticed that many people have the same problem I do with sewing. There's so much talent and creativity out there, and there is now a means of showing it off, and it's kind of intimidating for me to read about.

There are people who do quilts in one day, or at least stick with them until they're finished, and do a great job. I feel bad that I will have a picture of something I started and then it just kind of ends.

And then lots of us are too hard on ourselves with this blog thing. I started this as a journal of sorts and not a showcase of my talents. Some days, just getting a floor mopped is blog-worthy, and I should make note of that. Instead, I've not seen anything lately worth taking pictures of - or more likely don't have my camera handy - and I don't want to just talk without pictures.

Mike and Elise were here last week, and he took enough pictures for us both. I'll steal some of those when he gets them ready.

So now that I'm back, I'm going to find a picture to post this afternoon and then write something every day in the month of May.

And if I don't, I'll come back and erase this and pretend I never said it.

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