Monday, December 13, 2010

It's THAT Kind of Day

27 degrees - feels like 14 - at 9:00 a.m.

I brought Darby's Christmas blanket into the bedroom because the sunroom is just too cold, and Stella immediately took possession. They're dealing with it.

It will be a good day if I can stay inside and quilt and read and do laundry.

Warm house. Coffee. Cranberry candles. Good day.


  1. Let me live vicariously....what kind of coffee are you having?! I want a coffee maker like yours! :-)

  2. Wellll - By the time I read this - Cinnamon Roll, Autumn Spice and Rain Forest Nut. I may not be through yet either.

    Maybe you should ask Santa for one. I had to hint for a few months.

  3. Stella looks so comfy and fluffy... poor Darby, look at this eyes, she is begging to sleep with you hahaha.
    Here is too cold too!! I can´t wait for summer again!! Brrrrr