Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Vacation

I'm going to be back. I'm promising myself to get out of this non-writing phase I seem to be in.

I have things happening, lots of nice things. I either have nothing to say, or there's so much it's overwhelming.

I read other people's blogs, and I take it personally when they don't keep me updated. It's like a story where I'm unable to read the next chapter. Of course, that's people who have interesting lives, lots of things going on - like quilts or sewing projects that they're working on (and finishing) - or trips or holiday things. It's funny how you feel you know someone by just reading their blogs and seeing their pictures. I saw someone in Montgomery once whose embroidery blog I read, and it was strange knowing the names of her children and what kind of Starbucks coffee she likes but not feeling like I should even say hello. She would probably have even enjoyed meeting a stalker, but you never know!

I'm not even sure where my camera is, or I would have a picture of my favorite fall day today: Misty rain, cool but not cold weather, bright gold leaves in the yard, good smells, and frisky cats. I'd love to curl up and read all morning, but I have a package to mail and a 401K to put somewhere. Plus a new resolution to catch up on all those Facebook and e-mail messages I've neglected.

(Found my camera)

Mike, Emily, and Ryan were here for a long weekend, and that was great. I feel a tiny bit guilty that they had to do some wallpaper taking down, but they did an excllent job, and now it's finished! Even the corners. Even the high places above the vanity lights. They even took down those huge mirrors and cleaned behind them. Answer to my prayers. Now the ladders can come out of the bathroom, and it's time to pick out paint colors.

We had a lot of laughs, ate a lot of food, and had just a few hugs. I miss them, and I'll miss them at Thanksgiving. I'll really miss Emily and Ryan for Christmas, but it's their SD year, and there are a lot of people up there they can't wait to see and who can't wait to see them.

Sherry, Debby, and I are cooking up a getaway in January. Fingers crossed that that works, because it's the perfect way to start the new year.

Here are a few pictures Mike took while he was here at our house and in Andalusia.


  1. So glad you had some family time recently!

    I've been AWFUL about updating my blog! Hopefully can get some more updates in soon! :-)

    Ohh, I'm guessing that was Rosemary you saw in town? A celebrity! wow! :-)

    Beautiful pics, by the way!

  2. Ohhh wow!! It is wonderful to see that red leaves, I really love it, it is a maple or an oak tree?
    Anyway, I have to tell you, I´m always readyn your blog and it is interesting to me to read how about your life and what you are doing; you miss the punch and cake picture, and Mike eating boiled peanuts hahaha.
    Love you dear, and a Happy Thanksgiving day by the way. =)