Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rain's Gone

I left up the rain picture a long time, hoping it would bring good luck and more rain. But no. The temperature is rising, and the grass is looking worse. At least there are those cool early mornings and late afternoons.

The victims (my fault for not watering):

The azalea dies but the morning glory (which I've pulled up about 10 times) thrives.

The survivors:

Always marigolds.

Oregano? Basil? I forget, but it seems to like being neglected.
Burgundy chrysanthemums getting ready to bloom.

The Confederate Rose that was just 2 leaves at the beginning of summer.

These vines thrive in heat and drought.

There's a yellow butterfly up there that wouldn't be still long for a picture.

Pyracantha. Painful to be stuck by it but beautiful.

The poor plumeria was all primed to drop its leaves, as usual, and then with the high temperatures, it looks like it's beginning put out a few new leaves. Maybe it'll bloom this year if the Christmas cactus doesn't.

Writing a blog is harder the second year because it's kind of like the last year - except for less happening.

Mike came for a few days, and that was nice. We went to Andalusia and stopped in Gantt, both very enjoyable.

Once I had tricked him into climbing the ladder to get the last bit of wallpaper, he did more in 30 minutes than I did in a day's work, although I kept hearing: "That cabinet is going to come down. No way to reach that. That can't happen. That won't fit. ...." but it did.

All ready to be painted. Every last bit of wallpaper down from the little room and now onto the real bath and little hallway.

No one understands how much I enjoy stripping wallpaper - except on the ladder. I have to set a timer to make myself stop. There is still a good bit more to go, and I've made a mess that won't be fun to clean up.

I'm still not sure how to get to the high places over the tub and shower, but I'll worry about that later. It's going to be so pretty when it finally gets painted. I wish I knew what color(s) to use. Anything - anything! - will top that viney wallpaper.

We ate some good food while Mike was here - David's Catfish and Tabby D's in Andalusia and Down the Street Cafe in Montgomery on the way to the airport. I love having fried green tomatoes twice in the same week.

Mike's plate after the lunch Monday. Comment: "I didn't like it."

The broccoli-cranberry salad was delicious too. And the macaroni and cheese. And the chicken. And the fried green tomatoes - I may have mentioned that.

As soon as we ate, we had to go to the airport. Maybe a little early and for sure nothing to do there. This is pretty much the whole thing. Not sure why there are cars inside, but I didn't question it at the time. Upstairs is the food court. A Subway and one more place.

Well, all that's not really worth writing, but that picture of the rain had to go. It was taunting me.

Lydia is officially a business woman - Layne James Embroidery and Designs, LLC. I'm so proud of her. It hasn't been easy the past few weeks getting everything finalized, but it's quite an accomplishment. She does beautiful work and is having fun doing it.

Sherry and David have been traveling again, this time heading north and east. She has lots of nice pictures on her blog for those of us who have to stay home. I'm also behind on looking at all her quilts on her other blog.

So, that's all that's happened in my life since the last rain. Now I can get back to that mess I left in the bathroom. But it will be pretty - one day.


  1. I have missed you blogging!

    Awesome accomplishment on the wallpaper. Like I said, I'm living vicariously through you on that project! hee hee!

    Mmmm...fried green tomatoes. Made me hungry!

    Is that the Bham "International" Airport? Haven't been there in awhile but it looks familiar. I spent a lot of time there between 2002-2005!

    Thanks for the shout out about my business. I can't believe my website is finally ready!

  2. Congratulations to Lydia, God bless your handwork!!
    Becky: In my humble opinion that plant looks like basil... try it with some mozarella cheese and fresh tomatoes, if it is oregano it will not harm you anyway hhahaha.
    Nice and hard work to stripp down the wallpaper, I´m sure you are exausted!!
    Is Mike always having a big appetite? Is he like my two boys? (Carlos and Alejandro are always hungry) That´s why we don´t have buyed the pigglet (Alejandro wants a pigglet for pet), because we think, Alejandro can grab that poor thing and lick it all day hahahahahaha.
    Some friend told me that tiny pigglets smell like bacon!! What do you think?
    Love G

  3. Lydia - It's the Montgomery airport - I've never been to the Birmingham one, but I may be checking it out one day. I'm not sure about enjoying the wallpaper work without actually being there. There's nothing like having a long strip of wet, gluey paper hit you in the face or, better yet, step on it.

    Gaby - I can't say I've ever been up close enough to a pig - baby or otherwise - to know how they smell. I think you should get Alejandro one though and make him little shirts.

    I have help coming in for wallpaper stripping tonight. We'll have pictures and reports by Sunday.

  4. Gabriela: I don't really think that baby pigs smell like bacon. Honestly they do not. And they definitely do grow up to be very, very large adult hogs. There may not be that much cuteness with an adult hog, and you know what I am referring to (Dina la Porcina...she is nothing similar to cute, right?)
    Sinceramente, Vincente Fernandez

  5. Becky: Carlos is thinking seriously on buyin a pigglet, but my mother in law disagrees, so no pigglet for now, but whe it happens I will make many little shirts and caps to protect him from sun (and to avoid the smell) hahahaha

    Mr. Fernandez: Wahhahahaha LOL!!
    You are right: Dina is not cute anymore!! ahahaha.
    About the real pigglet: There is a mixed breed, they are called micro pigglets, you can find one of this on youtube, search for Kingsford the pigglet, so you can see what I´m talking about.
    Love you guys, G