Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Birthday

Happy Birthday to my favorite middle child, Elise.

I remember riding home from the hospital after she was born and holding her - no car seats back then! We got to hold the new baby all the way home, just cuddling and gazing and trying to keep Dad from stealing too many looks and pay attention to driving.

I've forgotten a lot of things in those years, but nothing will make me forget the bright blue October sky on that ride home. All was perfect in my little world. I had my little girl and an almost-2-year-old boy waiting at home (who looked very grown up after my being gone for 2 days). We had a new house and good friends and neighbors. Mike had a good job (and I didn't, which was a good thing!), and Elise just made our life complete.

I've just talked to her and wished her a happy day tomorrow, and I feel so blessed to have a daughter who is also my friend, one who shares my sense of humor and understands me - and loves me in spite of it.