Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm liking it a lot.

The animals - not so much.

Stella/Molly went with me to pick up the paper from the driveway and stayed outside for 3 minutes.

I took this picture from the garage door window because I knew if I opened the door, she would dart in. Which she did.

She came in for a hearty second breakfast of Fancy Feast. The first one had been finished 10 minutes earlier in the garage.

Maddy never turns down seconds either.

What? The other was only Meow Mix.

Does this face tell you anything? Like: I think it is way too cold and damp and my nice furry coat doesn't keep me warm. Pleeeeese let me come in with the cats. Notice the blur of tail wagging hopefully behind her.

This is more like it.

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