Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Uncle Fuddy-Duddy is Alive and Well

And keeps on with his adventures.
My father-in-law has published his 3rd Uncle Fuddy-Duddy book, and there is a great article about it in the Andalusia Star-News.

The story of "fix the moon" always makes me have tears in my eyes. It makes me think of those simpler days and that little family perfectly happy to be walking home together. It makes me miss my mother-in-law Eleanor even more. The toddler in the story is my husband, and now he has grown up to fix the moon for his family - many times.

I know the work that went into getting these books written, typed, proofed, re-typed, re-proofed, and finally published, and we're really proud of Roy and of Polly for her amazing illustrations. If the stories don't entertain you enough, the pictures certainly will.


  1. I really love him!! He is so sweet!! His stories entertain a lot Alejandro and myself, they are so cute and moral; we really enjoy his books, he has the natural gift of writing.

    I´m agree with you dear B, I love the "fix the moon" story, it is my favorite so far.

    I hope to meet him an all of you beautiful family some day, you are so caring and loving, and such a good people.
    Send you a big, big hug dear.

  2. Thanks, Gaby. We're looking forward to meeting your famliy too. You can hear an Uncle Fuddy-Duddy story from the master storyteller. Hope it's not too long before you can visit. We have a lot of things to see and do!

  3. Very pretty, mama. I love that picture of granddaddy.