Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pictures from Texas

I can't seem to find time to write anything lately with work and catching up on emails and bills and yard work. No time for sewing or reading, which is making me unhappy. But the weather is so pretty, especially in the early mornings and at twilight, that I have to spend some time just enjoying it. The contrast between West Texas and Alabama landscape is pretty big, one with the open spaces and sky where you can see forever and the other with its green lushness. I can appreciate the beauty in both. I did miss the flowers and trees last week. If we move, I will definitely have to get used to the difference and make my own little garden.

Some of the following pictures are just ones I took from the car window, and I don't know much about them, just things we thought were interesting or pretty.
One afternoon Mike took Mama and me out to see the sights around Littlefield. He just took different roads that we thought were interesting, and I kind of worried we might be lost, although it would be hard to get lost when you can see miles in every direction. We could just follow our path to the nearest water tower and find a town.
There are feedlots everywhere, and these cows seemed glad to see us stop and break the monotony of - well, eating.

I just glanced at these creatures at first, then had Mike stop and take a closer look. I think he said they were mule deer. Strange-looking things. That night, our friend Butch mentioned that he knew the owner who had other unusual animals and that he would take Mike to see them sometime. Hate I'm missing out on that.
On a trip to Levelland (appropriately named) the next day, we found these llama. We, of course, stopped to take pictures. They pretty much ignored us until Mike started making sounds that they found interesting. What a talent.On the way back to Littlefield, the black one was in the same spot but turned the other way. Guess he got bored chewing.

Just one of hundreds of goats we saw that week. These were interesting because they had dogs with the same coloring in the field, and it was hard to tell them apart. Bird-dog goats.

For contrast, here's one of Elise's domesticated alley cats. We named him Kirby, and he wanted to come home with me (or I wanted to bring him home). He's one of the 4 that she has fed and loved through the winter and now is trying to find homes for. He wouldn't speak to me at first, but I won him over with strings and toys. He's so handsome.

I have more pictures and talk, but I'm out of time.

Please pray for a new baby - my sister- and brother-in-law's niece Hannah - who was born yesterday morning and has some breathing problems. Kathy will keep us updated on her progress.

It looks like another beautiful sparkly spring day. I'm trying to see how long I can go without turning on the air-conditioning.


  1. Hey. I shared the blog with a friend of mine here in Torrington. She is from that area of Texas. I forgot the name of the town that she is from. We call her Lubbock. This blog has kept me connected from 2,000 miles away from AL. Teresa