Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nothing But Work

Lately it seems like nothing is happening, which is a good feeling, but it doesn't make for an interesting blog. I'm trying to get Emily to describe her mountain-climbing adventure. The pictures are wonderful.

Work is taking precendence right now. For many complex and boring reasons, our account is way behind. We have a backlog of over 400 reports with nearly 200 nearing the 24-hour window when we promised the hospital we'd have them back.

Since we've been kindly (but temporarily) relieved of Voice Recognition problems, it's fun typing again, and if overtime is being offered, I'm jumping on it. In fact, it's being begged for today.

So all else is on hold except to take Mama to try to find an outfit for Robin's wedding on the 29th. Here's hoping the trend continues, and no one wants to look at the house this week.

Below is one of Emily's pictures. She hiked 4 miles up a mountain, and this was her reward. I'm just trying to enjoy her happiness and enthusiasm and not let "mother" thoughts appear. Well, I did call her and ask her a bunch of questions when I found out from Facebook that she was doing this. By that time, she was halfway up. And she did patiently promise to "not fall off."

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  1. Thank you for the photo of the mountain. Is it in Seattle? If so, the other pharmacist's son is from Seattle. He is, also, living back here with his dad. He would know about this adventure. Teresa