Saturday, May 22, 2010

Morning Walk

I always have good intentions to take at least one walk a day (or week), but I somehow can't get up early enough to walk before starting to work, and it's dark when I get through work at night. My middle-of-the-day break comes in the hottest part of the day.

That's my excuse but hard to explain to Darby.

So she was surprised this morning when I jingled her leash and said, "Want to walk?" That's a "yeah, right" look.

She's a good walker and will stay beside me usually unless I allow her to do some sniffing.

I do love getting out early and seeing the neighborhood quiet and cool. We surprised a little rabbit 2 houses down, but I couldn't take a one-handed picture that showed him well enough. The yards and trees are nice and green but not much else happening.

These are getting ready to make a nice show.

And the back bed that makes me happy.

These are new in my yard. I think this is one of the pots I inherited from Emily when she moved.

This is what she growing now. Poppies in April hail. And she's learning that planting seasons in Washington are a little different from Alabama.

Just-planted tomato plants after the hail.

This is what she sees on her way to work in the mornings. I love it, but it's a little different from the steamy greenness down here.

It's more work today - overtime - trying to get our account caught up. I've worked probably 15 days in a row - not full days all of them - but at least a few hours a day.

Mama, Debby, and I will travel to Tuscaloosa for my niece's wedding next Saturday, so we'll have a nice change of pace - and hopefully some nice pictures and stories. Getting dressed up and going to weddings, especially formal ones, is not what any of us enjoy doing, but we'll have a good time.

One year ago, we were in full panic mode getting ready for Emily's wedding. I was probably lost in Atlanta begging Emily or Meghan to get me back safely. Or praying for sunshine (which we thankfully received). I wouldn't want to do it again any time soon, but it turned out wonderfully. One year.

Maybe someone will talk to me today and tell me what they're doing.


  1. The photograph labeled as tomato plants after the hail...what are the two reddish things at the bottom of the picture? Looks like toddler shoes? Or orthopaedic shoes?

  2. I know you secretly want them. Ask. She's good about handing down her slightly worn running shoes.