Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catch Up

Seems like there would be a little bit to write to catch up the week.

I've worked and worked and done not much else. Since I (and many others) have complained so about our new system, our company has temporarily gone back to the old one. They finally had the bright idea to take the doctors off Voice Recognition until they learn to use it - no more parties in the room, clanking, beeping, ringing machines; no more chewing and drinking; no more saying - oops, I forgot, can you go back to the first paragraph and add.... VR picks up every sound and tries to make words out of it. I'm not convinced that will work, but some of them had not even been aware of how they sound to us and are making an effort.

So I'm taking advantage of it being fun to work again.

Flowers and trees and lawns are still just beautiful in spite of the lack of rain.

Today is my favorite day: Beauty shop for Mama, Wal-Mart for her prescriptions.

But - Chik-Fil-A and the library. There are some bright spots. I may even get my hair cut.

Baby Hannah has perked up and is now home.

Mama celetrated her 87th birthday and Mother's Day.

I see Emily's footprints in the comments section. I hardly ever go back and look at the comments, but I did today. It's been nearly a year since that crazy May last year when she was having finals, graduation, and a wedding in a matter of weeks. Oh and a new job and a move across the country. It's been a good one for her, although I've missed her like crazy. She and Ryan are happy with their jobs, and they are completely loving Washington. That makes my heart feel good. Elise is also loving her job and Texas, so it looks like no one is going to come back. Thank goodness for e-mails, phones, and IM. Not so much texting. No one can understand my texts.

I've even been doing a very little stitching but nothing to show. Oh - maybe a few pictures. I started this blue blanket some time ago and decided to finish it finally. I thought it was plisse, but it looks like I pressed out the bumps. The bear was fun to do in split stitch, but feather stitch - ugh. I've battled every stitch, trying to get two alike. I think I'm going to back it with blue and white dotted flannel.

It's from this book that I've had since Emily was a baby at least. I made this same blanket for my niece when she was born in the early 1980s but with blue flannel.

Outside pretties.

The plumeria decided to grow some leaves this year, although it probably won't bloom this late. It's now nearly 12 years old and grows a few inches each year. Gray and Stephanie brought it from Hawaii on their honeymoon - just a 2-inch piece of stem in a baggie with planting instructions. I need to do some surgery on it, I think, and make some new plants, but it kind of scares me.

The confederate rose that Kathy and Alan have so patiently rooted over the winter from the one my mother-in-law use to love looking at from her kitchen window. Here's hoping I can make it live.

Darby is just full of happiness lately, loving her short hair and the nice weather. She keeps the flower beds free of dangerous critters - mainly lizards which can keep her entertained for hours.


  1. Your yard is beautiful! Glad things are easier for you at work now. You need a break from the chaos of the new system!!
    I am in Columbus today and tomorrow. Going to Sew Much Fun sewing/quilting store to meet with the owner about possible employment.
    Also hoping to hear from the other job this week. By the way it's not with Aflac-nothing ever came of that phone conversation.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  2. I agree with everyone about the new computer system you are trying to work from. It is not an easy transition. Your mom looks great. I missed your e-mails for a couple of days. Now that it is spring here, I am not so homesick looking at your photos.
    Actually, we had snow overnight Tuesday. It melted right away. Teresa

  3. Lydia, if you get a job at Sew Much Fun, I will never stop envying you. I may have to start quilting and take some more classes there. Fingers crossed.

    No wonder you're homesick, Teresa, with snow. It's pretty steamy here today. Mama loves an excuse to dress up but doesn't have too many chances lately.