Sunday, March 21, 2010

Smocking Progress

From this -

To this

It doesn't seem like much, but it represents several hours' work - just not all at one time. I pick it up and work on it when I get a chance, and it's working out nicely.

The pattern is Victorian Lace by Ellen McCarn. There will be a couple more rows of these little diamonds and then it will start to get a little complicated and end up with some pink flowers between the top two rows and then along the bottom.

I've had the pattern for years and have always liked it, but it seemed a little intimidating. Then when I saw a blue dress smocked with this pattern in Sweet Treasures, I knew that's what I wanted to try.

Maybe I shouldn't have put the picture here in case mine doesn't look exactly like this. (By the way, Sweet Treasures is having a sale this week. I swear the ladies listened to the things I liked and put them on sale just to tempt me. I have to be strong Thursday when I go back.)

The sleeves are pleated and will have just 3 rows of smocking with those same flowers between 2 rows of cable stitches.

I get so much pleasure from smocking - and embroidering too. I just get in my comfortable chair with a good lamp (or sunshine) and a nice CD to listen to, and I could stay there forever.


  1. Just lovely. Perfect for spring.

  2. Beautiful dear, simply gorgeous. I love the sleeves!.

  3. Hi, Its really nice and looking forward to seeing it on Thursday. Know it will be as pretty as the picture when finished,