Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Nice Giveaway

I'm still here. I did things last week but nothing interesting.

More of the same - working, minimal housework, a little weeding, as much sewing as I could squeeze in.

I do want to mention another giveaway. I wasn't lucky on the pink one but we'll see how the green ones goes. Laurie at SewNso's Sewing Journal has also reached over 100 followers and is celebrating with a giveaway of a lot of neat things, including a quilting book, which greatly interests me. Can't forget quilting with the resurgence of smocking and knitting.

Winning would be nice, but it's more about showing appreciation to these talented ladies who give me inspiration every day. Not only are their sewing skills out of this world, but they are so sweet spirited and gentle and just give me encouragement every day, whether they know it or not. After reading one of their blog entries, I actually believe I can create something like they're doing.

I spent a whole day with the ladies at Sweet Treasures in Columbus in the room in the middle picture. I lived in Columbus for 2 years and never went inside their shop since I was in quilting mode at that time. I figured I needed a little more hand-holding after being out of heirloom sewing for so many years, and that's just what I got. I'll have pictures next week. I learned a lot - most of which I already knew but lots of which I don't carry out. I think I'll have something really pretty going toward the end of the week.

I had to put this in the sun to show the really beautiful color of this batiste.

It was interesting to see the changes in Columbus, but it was very familiar to me - the roads and neighborhoods. I did like living there.

I met Barbara at JoAnn Fabrics since we both knew where that was, but I was out of the fabric-shop mood by that time, and we just wandered around and talked, and I got a few skeins of white floss and some bamboo knitting needles. They are as nice as I've heard.

We then shared a little pizza at Carraba's and talked some more. I felt a little brain dead and came home and slept for 2 or 3 hours - just walked in the door, checked on Mama and the animals, and fell on the bed.

As far as reading lately, I'm reading Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn and listening to a Maeve Binchey CD - something about a heart clinic in Ireland - just starting that. The Flynn book is pretty interesting although slow reading for me, all about the CIA and the politics that get involved in their work - like stopping terrorists.... at least I think that's what it's about. I usually stay as far away as possible from things that mention torture and committee meetings and such.

So if anyone has gotten this far, you can see why I don't write everything I do on the blog. Boring! Someone else needs to have an adventure and tell me about it.

It does smell like spring this morning, and the trees are budding out everywhere. It's about to be a fun time of year.

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  1. Thanks for posting my Giveaway - Good Luck to all who enter!
    I LOVE the shade of blue of that bishop dress and I can't wait to see it smocked!!!