Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Always Prepared

I'm off tomorrow for a little jaunt with Debby. I haven't packed my clothes yet, but I've packed my busy bag. One striped sock and yarn for the other one that I was making Elise for Christmas, and life got in the way. A cross-stitch bread cover that I started and then substituted another gift for. I found that in the sock bag. The blue daygown that needs hemming and buttons and tatting made for the sleeves. Plenty of knitted dishrags that just need the yarn woven in and cut.

I'll probably not do any of these, but it's so scary to think about being away from home and having nothing to do - sewing-wise that is. We'll have two nights at the Lake House and probably watch a movie or two, so that should give me lots of uninterrupted sewing time.

Alex from the fence company came today and gave me an estimate on fixing the gate. While it was not fun to hear, it was much less than the estimate the larger company gave me on the phone which was -- just to do a gate and nothing else would be $800. By Friday afternoon, I should have a nice new double gate and posts and a few more boards replaced nearby plus a panel of fence out back that is leaning dangerously every time it rains . He's replacing 4 posts there. For a good bit less AND he's nice. I'll try to take some before-and-after pictures if I have the courage to show what a mess the gate had gotten into.

Time to leave all this excitement and get some rest.

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