Monday, February 1, 2010

We Knew Him When....

Emily just called and mentioned that her old friend won a Grammy last night. At least his band did. Coy is the second one from the right in the picture. That's pretty exciting news. He is Coy Bowles, and his band is the Zac Brown Band who got the award for Best New Artist. Hope I got that right.

He had been a friend of Emily's for several years when his dad Jerry helped rebuild our house after the fire, and that's when I met him. He was a sweet guy and made me laugh. I didn't know about any musical talent though. I guess that came later. Emily had told me through the years about his band and how well they were doing, but "everybody has a band," so I didn't think so much of it.

He certainly grew up. I'll bet he's still sweet though.

Congratulations to Coy and the Zac Brown Band.

I'm not much for country music, but here is a video of one of their songs. Coy is in the white shirt and hat on the right in the last half.

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