Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We had a "looker."

There's nothing like a call from the realtor saying they're bringing over a potential buyer to make you get busy with that cleaning that's been put off since Christmas. Luckily, I got the warning a day ahead of time instead of an hour before.

This is the first thing to happen.
Everything on all surfaces gets raked into this hiding box to be put into the garage. I obviously had a lot of clutter. So many projects going on and so many things not put back in their places.

This is my reading/sewing chair. Looks almost like it belongs to a normal person.
Before there were pieces of thread dotting every surface, stray pins (I sit down very carefully), CD players and CDs scattered around, and lots of books and magazines.

Mama and I managed to get things looking pretty good, opened the blinds, turned on all the lights, sprayed Pier One Citrus air freshener around - double spray for Darby's sunroom -then grabbed Darby and jumped into the car. By the time I went by the post office (closed) and library (closed but drop box was there for the Dome book), Subway (my lunch), McDonald's (Mama's lunch), and picked up a newspaper, they had come and gone. I probably won't hear back from them, but maybe it's the beginning of a lot of lookers. And maybe a buyer.

I did finish one thing before I packed up.

I followed the colors on the pattern, but next time I will use softer colors to outline. It was so hard to get the needle in and out of that small space that they look already worn.

Darby's car ride made her think exciting things need to be happening every day now. Look at that sunshine! There will be cats lying there before long, I imagine.


  1. Yay! I will keep fingers crossed that something will come of the 'looker'!
    Those shoes are beyond precious. OH my! If only I had a sweet little girl to fill those shoes, I'd be asking to buy those from you in a heartbeat! ha!

  2. Lydia, you produce the little girl, and I'll make sure she has lots of shoes. I think I've found a place to buy them - boy ones too. Here in Montgomery!