Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pushy Photographer

As promised, the latest photographs from Senora de la
Wacala (AKA Mike from Littlefield).

His/her own captions.

The manufacture of core spun cotton and spandex for stretch jeans.

Boring caption. I think it should be, "ACG finds that using pretty, brightly colored spinning machines improves production and keeps the workers' spirits up."

Seven a.m. in Lamb County.

I hate to be repetitive, but this is another one that National Geographic would pay good money for.

Texas Hawk.

Looking for prairie dogs...or house cats...or anything good to eat.

Hawk Lunch.

Very mean.


Gaby had asked what kind of quilting was done on the Paper Doll quilt below, and I didn't give a really good answer, but if you look at Sherry's blog and double click on some of the quilts she's done, you'll see a good variety of ways to stitch a quilt. There are swirls and leaf patterns and flowers and feathers and straight lines. There is even one with grapes and another with bumblebees. I don't think there is any limit to the designs you can use with the quilting machines, and she is very creative in making sure the design matches the theme of the quilt top.


  1. Dearest Donna Wackle,
    It's too bad my father doesn't read this intarweblog...he would be very jealous of your gift of languages.

  2. Dona (Grundy?) - los fotografias son milagros. Mi amigo dice " Me gustan gatos, pero no puedo a comer uno solo."

    Su hermano, A

    As my Spanish is muy malo - I was trying to say that my friend says he likes cats, he just cannot eat a whole one by himself.

  3. I wonder why Becky referred to Mike as "Señora de la Wacala" I understand the Wacala, but why "Señora"?? That's not a very macho nickname, you know?
    Good Spanish, Alan!

  4. Dina, If you will look back at the comments a day ago, someone identified himself as Senora himself - trying unsuccessfully to disguise himself.

    Yes, Alan's Spanish is good, but he still has that mean streak in him for animals - cats, armadillos, squirrels.

  5. No squirrels since I was a boy (suspect Mike shot more than I ever did); never killed a cat, nor even tried to do so. Have only killed the one armadillo, since it was the only one I could get close enough to with the Louisville Slugger (still not willing to fire a weapon in the city limits).

    Mean streak? Perhaps Dina will explain "abogado". Mine will be in touch.

    Gracias Dina. Saludos, Alan

  6. Doña de la Wacala, Alan, Dina, Becky, ladies and gentleman: It is for sure Alan has a very good spanish, even than the lady from Spain.
    Very nice pictures, even of the hawk lunch, poor baby.
    Dina will not have any trouble explaining what "abogado" means, that is because our dad is one of them; don´t worry it is not contagious haha.
    Love to all