Monday, February 22, 2010

Nice Storm

I knew it was supposed to rain last night, but the thunder and lightening show was a bonus. I woke up to rain pounding on the windows on either side of the bed and settled in to enjoy a nice rain-sleep. And then I heard the thunder in the distance. Even better.

But then the animals got restless. Darby was whining and scratching at the sunroom door and wasn't comforted by my, "It's okay," muttered several times. I felt guilty and let her come into the bedroom. The cats weren't scared but used my being up as an excuse to run to the kitchen and beg for a food bonus. The kitchen was closed though.

It was a pretty fierce storm for awhile, almost to the point of scaring me a few times, but it moved eastward, and now the world smells so good and clean. I was able to work in a flower bed a little bit Saturday, and that soil is just waiting for spring flowers in a few weeks.


My Friday Night Sewing happened but nothing like most of these 100+ ladies. I wish I had time to go to their web sites and see the beautiful things they're creating, mostly quilts, but all kinds of things. I don't have anything to show yet, but I did make progress. I worked on the yoke (piping and gathering) for the blue daygown. It's tiny and the Swiss flannel ravels like crazy, so I have to be sure of something before I stitch, and the concept was a little hard at first. But I have one side done. The rest of the night, I alternated between finishing my book and knitting. Still nothing to show yet but some progress. I also pulled out my heirloom sewing box and sorted the bits and pieces of things I had started and played with in Meridian. Lots of memories. It's funny how caught up in that kind of thing I was when I had people of similar interests, but when we moved to Greensboro and I discovered quilting, I kind of packed all that up and forgot it. One-track mind, I guess.

Debby and I have a Girl's Time planned for the end of the week, so I have to get all my work done by Thursday. I'm looking forward to that.

The For Sale sign in the yard disappeared yesterday. Mama and I thought it was still there when we came home from church but can't be sure. Sometime during the middle of the afternoon, she came in and announced that it was gone. I went out and looked up and down the street, but it's definitely missing. I emailed Cynthia, and she said she would bring over another one some time. No real problem whether it's there or not right now.


  1. This is all very interesting, but speaking for the entire internet, we need to see more of the good photographs of a few days ago. The ones that the lady from Barcelona loved so much.

    Sincerely, Thor and Big Red Heinie (co-proprietors, The Heinie Winery)

  2. So, stop talking so much?

    The lady from Barcelona has not sent me pictures this week.