Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It was a good morning to sleep (as evidenced by how many times I pushed the snooze button before I got up) but not one for going out to pick up the paper.

That extra sleep didn't come easily though because I had just had a dream that made me tense. It was all about carrying around a black notebook with something very secretive in it and being terrified someone was going to find it. I was always finding new places to hide it, and even lying there for nearly an hour and mulling it over didn't give me a clue as to what was in it.

I did finish Under the Dome last night, and it was tense - not in a secret-keeping way but rather in a finding a way to breathe and escape the bad guys way. I confess to enjoying it, even though there was way too much bloodshed and unneccessary dwelling over that, but with selective skimming I was able to get a good bit of enjoyment out of it. I can already imagine the movie that's probably in the works.

I have some pictures to download, but it's time to work now.

It's good to be warm and dry.

Unlike poor Sheepy who got left out last night.

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