Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mad Hatter

I doubt this is what Lewis Carroll had in mind when he created the Mad Hatter.

Jack the Mad Cat.

Emily had a birthday last month with not too much fanfare: The usual cards and gifts and well-wishes from friends and family and a great brunch in Seattle. But she misjudged Karen and Ryan's propensity to celebrate.

When she got home from work one day, this is what greeted her.

The pocket says, "Wear me," in case it's not clear.

So she obliged.

Another friend Stacie and her husband were co-conspirators, and they created an amazing setting. It's hard to take in all the details. Look at all the little teapots and the old Alice in Wonderland prints in frames. And all the butterflies. And the food! I keep thinking I'll see a dormouse pop his head out of one of the teapots.

I told Karen she needs to change her career to party planner/giver. I think she would be in great demand. What sweet friends - and husband too.


  1. Ohhhhh what a beautiful thing!! I love that cat, looks so fluffy.
    So... Today is the Happy no Birthday of Emily, right? Well then, have a Happy no Birthday, and send me some real cake hahaha.

  2. He's a good boy and was probably looking for cake in that picture.