Thursday, February 4, 2010

I know I should write something about this week, but nothing comes to mind.

So I guess I'll babble on anyway.

I'm reading the Stephen King book, Under the Dome. It's not hard to put down because I always come to a part where I know something bad is going to happen and abandon it. It's the perfect book for King. He puts a town full of people under a dome where they have no access to the outside world and makes bad things happen to them. Perfect. The concept is interesting, how people cope with a disaster (however unrealistic), but he mainly deals with a corrupt and evil town leader with all the people trapped with him and his followers with no help from the outside world. I may or may not finish it. It's huge, over 1000 pages, and I'm not sure how long I'm going to stick with it. I may decide one day to read the last chapter and take it back to the library.

I'm getting a little sewing time in, smocking, which is very relaxing. Pink this time after all. I had some pleating glitches, so there are some skipped pleats to master, but overall it's been fun.

I saw a picture of this somewhere and had some baby socks in my embroidery drawer from years ago and did just a simple cable. This sock is a challenge though because it's - well - fluffy, and the stitches seem to get lost, even with using 6 strands of floss. It has possibilities though and is quick to do.

This is not actually a dress but a quilt block. I'm waiting on some more information about it, but this is an amazing quilt made by a lady in Littlefield. I'll also make the pictures bigger to show off the details.
I'm training once more for Voice Reconition at work. I tried it once and hated it, but all our accounts are going that way, and I guess I have to join in. I was hoping to retire before everything went VR. It's much faster to type a whole report than to go back and correct what a machine "thinks" the doctor said. The rain is just starting to settle in for a whole day. That will make my forced training more enjoyable - that and a cup of cinnamon roll coffee.


  1. Your smocking looks wonderful! I love the mix of pinks.
    Here are a couple of links for the smocked dress quilt blocks. They are fun to do

    and my chapter has done 4 of them

  2. That little dress is GORGEOUS! And those socks make me want to adopt a 6 month old girl! ha! :-)
    I have seen a quilt like that and it was absolutely breathtaking. It was at a booth at the Sewing & Quilting Expo last year.

  3. I looked at Martha's links just now and it got me thinking. Wouldn't it be cute to do a twist on the same idea, but embroidered little outfits? You could do some historical outfits like this:
    or somthing quirky like this:
    or even a little laundry line like this:

  4. I just can't imagine all the work that goes into each little outfit. Beautiful. The embroidered ones sound good too. It's amazing what's out there now to be discovered. I just wish I could discover enough time to do some of these things!

  5. Have you ever read any Monica Ferris books? They are murder mysteries with a crafting spin. I borrowed a couple from a co-worker once and really enjoyed them. I definitely remember reading 'A Murderous Yarn' and enjoying it quite a bit. They are just good stories and the characters are likeable. I gave up on Stephen King long ago. He just seems to write the same story over and over again. I wouldn't blame you if you read the last chapter and took it back...and you probably wouldn't miss anything either!