Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hope - for spring and for my sewing sanity

Even though time passes so fast for me lately, I thought this winter would never end.

It may still be hanging around, but when you see these, springtime can't be too far away.

I'm so glad I didn't toss this project away.
It will never pass inspection by anyone who knows the difference, but I'm quite proud that it's shaped somewhat like a real gown. Of course, the inside looks like two cats have been fighting, but we won't talk about that. There's still the hand work to do, but that's my favorite part and will be fun to do this weekend.

Thanks to those who encouraged me. I learned a lot and think I might get back on that horse and do another one right away before I forget everything.

One funny thing (now, not then) was that I understitched the lining of the yoke just perfectly and was so proud of it. At some point after I had gotten it all together, I looked at the neck and that neat understitching was on the outside. I have no idea how that happened, well some idea, but it didn't make me happy. That's one reason for the fuzziness of the neck. Maybe I'll get that tatting done to put there to disguise it! I have about 3 inches of it done so far. I'm not a fast tatter.


  1. I am so impressed! It looks like something straight from a boutique to me! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. It is so neat!! You always finish satisfactory projects because you make it with love, that´s why.
    Don´t underestimate yourself, you have a good hand.

  3. You two are very kind -- It may have started out with love, but I can't tell you what it ended up with! I'll hem the sleeves and bottom and sew on the buttons with love - how about that?

  4. Well I am glad you didn't toss it either. Again you are being too hard on yourself. I think it is a very sweet gown, your smocking looks great. And if the inside doesn't look good, you sure can't tell it from the outside. Keep on stitching.

  5. Thanks, Martha. I keep being inspired by your sewing and that of some of the other talented ladies. I've learned a lot just from this experience and will better next time. Even if I'm not, I still get a lot of joy from it, and that's the main thing, I think.