Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good News for Jacob

This is Jacob last week. He was looking pretty good even then after having suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the abdomen the week before.
This was taken yesterday with his dad. Is this not unbelievable?

Now that he's doing so much better, the doctors say that they didn't really have much hope for his making it and especially not with all his internal organs intact.

The accident happened 2 weeks ago, and today he went home. It truly is a miracle. He had so many people praying for him. There is a Facebook site to keep everyone updated with close to 1400 members.

He's a tough guy.

Debby says he's requesting shrimp scampi, so she's busy making him some. He's been hungry a long time!


  1. That is wonderful news and truly a miracle!!! So glad to hear it.

  2. What great news to hear! Had been checking on him on Facebook until they changed the format and now I'm totally lost on FB. Glad you posted an update and pictures for us here. Hope Jacob enjoys his shrimp scampi!

  3. Thanks ya'll. I hope things just keep on looking up for him. He was begging for just a sip of Sprite not a week ago!

    Molly, the FB threw me for a loop too. I finally decided if I click on the word Facebook in the upper left corner, I'll get back to where I want to be - kind of! I never know what's going to appear if I click news status or news release or whatever - trial and error all the way - so I stay away a lot!

  4. Wow, he looks so good, it is a true miracle, he´s smiling and that´s so good. And the fact he is asking for special food is a good symptom. I´m so glad he is better. All the family is always in our prayers.