Saturday, January 2, 2010

Running in Circles

Or walking, that is. I've learned my lesson on watching where I step and how fast I move.

Besides working 4 hours today, I've spent the other half of the day rearranging my stacks. This is one of many.
There was a particular pattern I wanted, and I had put it away along with everything else when we had to show the house one day. I looked in two closets, the sewing room, all the drawers in my bedroom, the den cabinets, and the guest room chest and closet.

I did pull out all my miscellaneous stacks and make bunches of piles on the kitchen table and stacked like things together. It took me awhile, but I just now found the books hiding on the den shelves. The only reason I looked there was because I was looking for a late birthday card. Another sad reminder of the chaos in my head.

So, now I have it all together and am ready for the next chance to sit down. Along with my book and plenty of gingerbread coffee. I was so sure my family would love the gingerbread coffee that I bought a whole box of it and hid it from myself all of December so there would be plenty for everyone. They all politely sniffed mine and agreed it smelled nice and went ahead and fixed themselves Kona or French Roast or Rain Forest Nut. They didn't like the eggnog flavor either. So it's all for me! Or whoever wants to come drink it with me.

Kitty alarm clock.

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