Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prayers Needed

For a small cousin. Only 12 years old. He was accidentally shot in the chest/abdomen yesterday and is struggling for life.

This is Debby's youngest granchild. He's headed into surgery right now, and the doctors can't give them any encouragement. There are so many obstacles.

Please pray for Debby and Tom, his parents Tate and Renae, his brothers and uncles and all the ones who are there at the hospital praying and so scared.


  1. Just saw this. So sorry to hear this. Prayers going up right now.

  2. I´m really sorry, I can´t express you how sad I am. We will pray for Debby´s family, for new strenght, hope and a new life for this boy.

  3. I'am so sad. I will pray for Debbie's family. I know Father God is taking care of them right now and comforting them. Amen