Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nice Day Out

During hibernation season, I had just as soon not venture out except to pick up the necessary groceries and do a few errands. Emily, who lives almost next door to Alaska, is snickering at our days and days of below-freezing weather while she is enjoying temperatures in the 50s. Right now in Alabama it's 27. In Seattle it's 47.

I did venture out for a few hours yesterday, and it was well worth it even if I did do a lot of grumbling about face hurting, hair blowing, how I hate cold weather.

Barbara and I met at the local quilt shop where she needed to get a few things, and I just went along to drool over the pretty things. This one especially caught my eye.

I believe it is called a Concentric Log Cabin. Barbara bought the book with the pattern in it, so I'm going to ask her to check out the pattern and see if there is anything more involved than just sewing narrow strips around a central block. Because this might be something I can do and see immediate results. Immediate for me being sometime in 2010 - maybe.

Here are a couple of beautiful quilts I saw. They are so much prettier in person.

A stack of fabrics that makes me happy.

And here's what I want for my birthday. No, it's not a car. I think I would be afraid to touch something like this. (I'm just kidding about wanting to own it. Do I hear a sigh of relief from Littlefield?)

In the background of the picture above is the quilt Barbara is starting. SO pretty.

Right in the middle of our quilt browsing, we realized that Linda and Bobbie were having lunch across the street at Tenda Chic, so we temporarily abandoned our venture and went over there to spend an hour or more talking with them. It had been a long time since we had gotten together, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. And the lunch. We were the fairly noisy group in the corner booth who wouldn't leave.

Barbara came back home with me for a little while and showed me her finished quilt up close. Amazingly beautiful. I took pictures, but either my camera or the lighting in the dining room - or both - failed once more and didn't do it justice. I'm going to get her to make a good clear picture and send it to me. Everyone needs to see it.

I'm still trying to decide what to do for Friday night. Emily and Suzanne are going to crochet and Gaby knit. Lydia is also undecided at the moment. Barbara hurt her wrist and can't do anything, but we'll count her quilt above if I get a picture. Sherry is bound to be working on something. Tomorrow I'll have some pictures up of her retreat at the Red Rooster in Cullman. Once I get over my jealousy.

Anyone else? I can't wait to see what all the people on Heidi's list do. Debby and Elise are allergic to needles of all types and will read while we sew.

Back to the real world of going out to bring in the paper and feeding the animals and working for 4 hours.


  1. I am doing the Civil War quilt (pictured behind the Bernina 830) as a BOM and I have 2 blocks for Jan completed. Yeah! I'll send more Red Rooster pictures later. We are eating and quilting and eating and quilting and eating!!!!

  2. My goodness!! That Bernina machine can talk? in spanish maybe? The price is crazy, never in my life (30 years) I haven´t see a over priced item!! wow!!
    I bought last year a Regina sewing machine (very cheap, and I´m proud of this) to start some quilt, but I really don´t know how to start, don´t have shaped rulers either, this is necessary? And don´t have patterns, can I do my own patterns? geometrical maybe?
    Can any one send me a maple quilt pattern or winter snow flakes pattern and the explanation about how to start?
    Pictures of my knitting later.
    And here is cold 6°C (How convert the °C in °F ?)

  3. Stop gloating, Sherry. Next time, Barbara and I are going, and ya'll can work on your Civil War squares - and I'll watch and eat.

    Gaby. I sent you an email. And I think that Bernina should be able to talk and bring you coffee and lots of other things for that price.