Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Little Sweetness

Just to get away from Stephen King's Dome.

I have to say it's an interesting book so far although it could have been half the size if he didn't feel compelled to describe everything so graphically. I'd like a small plane crash aftermath to be left to my imagination, but with other things he does a very good job at making you feel what the characters are feeling.

Anyway -

I'm washing and documenting some of my past sewing, back when I had someone to hold my hand and make me finish things and tell me when I was doing it wrong. I had done a couple of smocked bishops before and was ready for a little challenge, so I tried this collar. It turned out really well, but I don't like the finishing up parts, the construction, so it sat in a plastic bag for years. I finally decided last year to do something about it. I still can't put a bias band around the neck to amount to anything, but I'll keep trying.

I love the sleeves. I see the ribbon is twisted, but it can be fixed.

I made this quilt for a gift but decided halfway through to do something else, so I got to keep it. I saw this fabric one day in a fabric shop in Greensboro, I believe, and they happened to have these coordinated prints and ginghams, so it kind of designed itself. I ended up hand quilting it. It was fun to do, and I'd like to use this pattern again.

I'll have more pictures when the things get through washing, including a little dress Mama made the girls in the 70s, back when the pleats were made by ironing on dots and gathering the material to make pleats.


  1. That dress is precious!!! If I had a girl, she would so have a collection of those!
    And that quilt. Oh. my. goodness. Have I ever told you how much I love gingham? I'll have to send you all my gingham scraps and commission you to make a duplicate for me one day!!!

  2. The quilt is easier than the dress! If you have a little girl, I have no doubt that you'll be producing some pretty things.

    I think I still have plenty of that "tea party" fabric, so maybe we can work out some trades down the road.

  3. I love your dress. And I could show you some nasty neck binding. That looks pretty good to me. I too hate finish work. I hate prep work and I hate finish work, I want to do the fun middle part.