Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

I've been looking forward to devoting my Friday night to working on one of my projects, knowing that bunches of other people were doing it too. This is my favorite post. I think about 70 people signed up for it, and I even encouraged a few people myself.

But unfortunately it was not to be. I ended up working to catch up some last minute reports since the pay period ends tonight. I figured I could just fudge a little and sew to my heart's content tomorrow while it rains. I have a 9-patch quilt that I can work on. I can pleat and smock the blue day gown. I can cross-stitch. I have a sock to finish. I may just have fun all day.

Lydia came through with flying colors tonight though and just emailed me some pictures. She made only a pair of pants tonight, I think, but these are some things she's made this week. So cute. I love the moose shirt. She says Jacob is expecting his dad to catch a moose when he goes hunting.

With Barbara's wrist putting a damper on her sewing, I have to brag on the quilt she's just finished. I saw it in person, and the pictures don't do justice to the colors and how intricate it is. Click on them to see it close up. She says it's not as hard as it looks, but she should be very proud of this. The pattern is "Blooming Nine-Patch."

I hope I can one day finish something!

Gaby has taught herself to knit from TV, and here's proof. It's going to be a scarf.

As she explains it: I know how to make crochet, to me was easier than knitting until the last week of December past year. I have never do anything knitted, but I bought a knitting needles anyway; one day I was watching my favorite TV show about crocheting and knitting and the girl explained how to start to knit so beautiful and easy that I start to knit the same day.
I have some talented friends. Now tomorrow I hope to hear from the relatives - and me.

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  1. Thanks for showing off my stuff! I used a PDF pattern called Birdie's Britches...found it on Etsy and I LOVE it.
    Barbara's quilt and Gaby's soon-to-be scarf are just beautiful!
    Oh and that afghan that Emily's making...GORGEOUS!!!! I can totally see why she fell in love with it!
    Those are all skills I wish I had! Maybe one day!