Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday But Seems Like Saturday

It's a good feeling to realize that it's Friday instead of Saturday - it's like I've been given a whole extra day.

We're not going to get the ice and snow from Texas and Oklahoma, thank goodness. It went north of us, but we're going to get some nice rain and maybe thunder tonight. Mike unthawed his door locks and windshield and went on to work this morning. Some of his pictures. I'm glad not to be there! I believe the storm is headed for Ooltewah. I'll have to ask Sherry what's going on there.

I'm rushing around getting the house straightened and working a few hours so my night will be free for the Friday Night Sew-In. I'll try to prove it by pictures, if I get anything worth taking pictures of. Just realized that's in February some time, but I still sewed, so I had my own FNSI. I'm glad I was alone too, because it didn't always go perfectly!

Just to make me feel better, below are some things I HAVE done in the past few years.

But first, this is the smocked dress that my mother made for Elise and Emily. It got worn a lot and has been hanging in the closet for 20 years.

Mama was a self-taught smocker and just did her own thing sometimes. I'm not sure if she had a pleater for this or if it was picked up iron-on dots. She did do the little pearls on the front that made it kind of special for the girls.

This is the first bishop I made. I gave a few of them away, and this is the only one that's left. Pretty basic. I really do need to work on construction skills. I just have a hard time with necklines and plackets, etc.
I did this little flannel blanket last year. I saw some squares of flannel with the holes along the edges for crochet and decided to try one. It worked out pretty well. I'll do some embroidery or a monogram one day. I want to order this blade for the rotary cutter so I can cut my own holes along the edges. But $13! I wish the fabric or craft stores sold them, and I could use a coupon. Maybe if I wait....

It's January, and that is a daisy blooming outside the window.

This is just a very small blankie I found in the Target $1 bins and embroidered a design.

When you do a Grandmother Chest, you have to stick to a no-pink color. I like blue. I did this years ago.

That was just to remind myself that I have finished a couple of things.


  1. Aww those are so pretty. You don't need a rotary blade to make the holes on the flannel. Not sure what kind of machine you have, but you can use a large like 100 or 110 needle and do a pin stitch in your fabric. Trim the flannel right up next to that stitching and then you have the holes right there. The symbol for a pin stitch looks like l_l_l_l. USing the large needle won't leave holes that could tear out like the rotary cutter will.

  2. Really! I never thought of that. What a great idea. Is that a wing needle? I do have a similar stitch. Exciting! I'm going to give that a try. Thanks so much, Martha.

  3. Beautiful things! I'm probably going to be doing some embroidery later! Can't wait to see what you are making.

  4. Great, Lydia. Show me when you finish. I cut out my bishop and was adding lace to the sleeves when I broke a needle, and it hit my forehead. It scared me so badly, I had to stop and have a cup of coffee! Forgot to change my foot to a zig-zag foot. Sewing can be dangerous.

  5. I had to laugh at that...sorry! Only because that happened to me the other night. It hit me in the chin. ouch! Darn needles!

  6. Maybe we should be wearing goggles! Truly it did bother me that it could have been my eye. I bet I will check my (sewing)feet next time.