Tuesday, January 19, 2010


What a good word. Doldrums. It's one of those words that sound like what it means.

I've avoided coming here to write anything lately because I figured I would just whine about something. It's that kind of week, and it's my own fault, so it won't do any good to whine.

It seems like every day I get more and more behind and can't drum up enough energy to make things right. If I use my middle-of-the-day break to read and do needlework, then the floors not only don't get vacuumed, but they accumulate more thread and other things.

If I don't clean the pet areas, I can't depend on them to wash their dishes and empty their own litter boxes.

If I don't put up the things I pull out, the house is going to look messy.

So today I did vacuum, at least part of the house. And did pet cleanup. And put away a few things.

So when I finally did sit down to read and smock, I could look around me and see some order and clean carpets.

Speaking of smocking, that's another thing to whine about. I have proof that I've done smocking before and not done such a bad job of it. But this last project, you'd think I had never held a needle. I guess I should have started with a simpler pattern and maybe not white on pale blue. It's pretty discouraging to have to take out 2 rows of stitches, but that's what I did last night, and today things went much better. Besides this is on a little thing that a baby is going to sleep in, and it really won't matter if every row is even or not.

Another bit of sunshine today - besides what's outside - is that I got coffee delivered to my front porch. I've had such a wealth of K-cups since September when Mike sent all those sampler boxes with my birthday present that I guess I thought I would never run out. I don't make decisions very easily, and so I put off ordering a supply of them and just never made it to Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond where they now sell them (but more expensively). For 2 days now, I've had an empty carousel and have had to use bagged coffee in the little filter. It's still good but messier than usual. So now I have my month's supply and celebrated just now with a nice cup of Cinnamon Roll blend. Yum.

I feel better now. No more whining. If I'll use my time better, I won't get in a panic over the phone ringing and being terrified someone is going to look at the house. I probably should get to the point where I WANT someone to look at it, but I'm not quite there. I just want to wake up one day in Littlefield with all that behind me.

Not really. There's a lot of good to be experienced before that, and I need to savor each day.

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