Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Boy

1072 pages.

I was already thinking I had started too many books when the call came from the library today that the book I had requested was in.

I loved Stephen King's The Stand. I mean really loved it. I thought it was one of the best books I had read at the time - back in the 70s. Therefore I couldn't wait to read more of his works. Unfortunately, I didn't find any of his later books very likable. He's a good author, but you can read just so many descriptions of scary and awful things before you stop paying attention to the story. Except for The Shining, of course, one of the scariest books and movies ever. Emily, Elise, and Stephanie and maybe Mike got into the Dark Tower/Gunslinger series, but I never did.

So I haven't paid much attention through the years to anything new he had written until I read a review lately about Under The Dome, comparing it to The Stand. That intrigued me. And the fact that it was long. I figured I would reserve it at the library and get it in a few weeks or months. But I got it today and have 3 weeks to read it - or 6 if I renew. The 2 books I'm reading now will have to go on the back burner - one I own and one of Debby's that she won't mind me keeping awhile - while I escape to the Dome.

Beautiful day today. Although I love rain, I can appreciate a day of sparkly sunshine. It puts people in a better mood. While Mama was getting a permanent, I went and changed my cell phone from T Mobile to Verizon, mainly so Emily and I can talk free. The time difference makes it too late for me when her free minutes start. I just realized Elise is on Verizon also, so that's a bonus. Nice young guy helped me through all the stuff, and I now have a phone that actually rings instead of grunting and one with an alarm that works. No more getting up 5 minutes before time to go to work.

I'll try to wrap up some loose ends before the week is up.

Suzanne was in Thomaston at Christmastime and took a picture of 202 Monroe Street where the 5 of us lived over 20 years. I'll find that and some earlier pictures to compare when I have more time.

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