Monday, January 25, 2010

Beyond Cute

Lydia has truly outdone herself.

This is what was just delivered to me.

I had asked her to make me a baby gift to give to a couple at church, and after a few discussions about nose colors, this is what she came up with.

Here are both items all done up in a pretty package.

It's so perfect. And knowing that I would be jealous, I had her make the same thing for me with no name for Future Baby. He/she is getting a wardrobe already.

Thank you Lydia. If I ever get my embroidery machine out of hiding, I'm going to come take lessons from you. I can't imagine doing anything this pretty. The new parents-to-be will be so excited.

Lydia's shop is Layne James Embroidery and Designs . The good thing about being a designer is that she doesn't have to do cookie-cutter designs; she can picture things and do what you want with them. Unlike me. I'm a cookie-cutter embroiderer - and not a very good one at that.


  1. Wow she is a master!! I love the embroidered satin masks. I´m so jealous now, hahaha.
    If I ever had another baby (or grandchildren) I will ask her a cut dress like this one.

  2. Gaby, these are little tiger faces for our football team, the Auburn Tigers. I'll have to start teaching you about Auburn and War Eagle. Lydia has another football team with elephants that she likes. You can probably see one on her web site.

  3. Becky, I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you like my creations!! With all the beautiful things that you make, it is a great compliment to have you appreciate my work. I hope you and your church friend enjoy these! Thanks for letting me do the project for you. :-) (PS-War Eagle! I did go to school there for a semester, so I'm allowed to say it...haha!)

  4. That War Eagle felt GOOD to say, didn't it. Admit it! Your parents will be proud of you.

  5. Yes, Becky, we are proud of her. She's a smart girl in more ways than one...did she tell you she grew up an AU fan??? Melissa

  6. She did confess, Melissa. I know you tried your best, and I assume you're keeping Jacob supplied with little tigers.