Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yip-yip Aliens and Eggnog Coffee

That 20% chance of rain was kind of misleading yesterday. I think there was not one time that there was not some kind of precipitation going on.

I did go out in spite of it and was enjoying myself so much I didn't even notice it. Of course, Debby was doing the driving and listening to me talk and trying to maneuver around shopping traffic. Although we noticed that it was not so bad for this time of year - crowds in stores, etc. We didn't really visit any big places though, like malls or department stores. Instead we went to FUN places.

I, as usual, forgot I had my camera in my pocket while we were in Panera eating nice comforting French onion and cheese broccoli soup or I could have had some pictures of cinnamon rolls as big as your head - well, maybe a baby's head. It's nice to sit there and listen to the rain and catch up. It seems to be raining every time we go out lately.

We next went to Pet Smart. That's always a fun place to be and see just how many ways people have of feeding and pampering their pets.

Here are some festive treats. This whole aisle is just chew bones - and that wasn't the only aisle.

Peanut butter lollipops.

This is not a good picture of this cute little guy, but he was fun to watch. He was so happy to be there with his owner, just prancing around and being glad to be alive. He still had the puppy awkwardness and excitement about everything.

I didn't get any pictures of the next place, but I should have - pretty! Debby has been meaning to take me there and show me the food. They have freshly-made casseroles just waiting to take home and cook. She bought lasagna. It's Peppertree Steaks N' Wines, and there are so many interesting things - besides steaks and wines. I got Emily and Ryan an ornament and almost got some Praline Mustard sauce (?) because it was recommended highly to me, but I couldn't quite get into that. Maybe later. Lots of good-looking things in jars though and lots of beautiful cakes and steaks and candy and gifts.

After that it was sadly time for me to get back and get to work, and Debby still had places to go. She brought Mama a beautiful poinsettia that we're enjoyingThis was Eastchase Parkway on the way home. Kind of pretty - if you're in a warm car.

My kitchen window when I drove into the driveway - inviting

With wassail on the stove.
And the promise of books and the eggnog coffee Debby brought me. I think I mentioned that she is my coffee taster. I believe she must work for Green Mountain. Eggnog doesn't sound like it would be that good, but it is some delicious coffee. It was nice to sit down with one of the books and have my cup of coffee after work last night - still hearing a little rain even then.

Oh, almost forgot the Yip-Yips I have a Google home page that you can personalize with whatever you want. I have a calendar, a couple of favorite comic strips, news headlines, etc. One thing I do have but hardly ever remember to look at is a How-To section. There are some interesting things.

Today the entries are: How to Remove a Mouse from a Sticky Trap; How to Crochet a Yip-Yip; and 6 Ways to Prevent Identify Theft.

In case anyone needs to crochet a Yip-Yip, you can go here: http://www.wikihow.com/Crochet-a-Yip-Yip-Alien


  1. I NEED to crochet a Yip-Yip! Thanks very much for the link! :o)

  2. Please do! And send a picture. I think he would look nice in green also. Hope you're enjoying your trip to Thomaston.