Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wake me up when it's spring

I seriously do not like cold weather, and we're not even that cold here. I like rainy days like today but warm rainy days - with thunder.

So I've milked all the sympathy I can from people about my muscle strain or whatever it was, and I seem to be over it. Emily said it could take 6-8 weeks, so I was pleasantly surprised to get up from a chair easily yesterday. I even sat down and got back up a few times to test it. There's still some soreness but nothing like before. Maybe if I had had someone to bring me things, I would have stayed in bed and made it last longer. There's nothing like an ailment to make you appreciate simple things, like just walking. I guess now there's no excuse for not getting the rest of the decorations up.

Here's Gaby's punch recipe just as she sent it to me:

This punch can be eated cold or hot, it is even better if you serve it one day after when the flavors get set; you can make it for grownups if add some rum to the cup.The smell, haaaaaa reminds me when I was a child, every woman in Guatemala make it different, some people adds shredded coconut, orange zest, another grapes, banana, apricot.... ufff you can add almost what you want (please let the cat alone). This is my moms version; please, please, make it!! I want to read your comments.

Guatemalan punch:
1 small pineapple (about 2 1/2 cups) without the center

3 apples (it doesn´t matter the color)
3 bosc pears or another soft pear
1/2 papaya
1 cup of raisins
1 cup of pitted prunes
3 ripped plantains
1 tbsp of ginger fresh or grounded
1 stick of cinnamon
3 fat peppers or 1/2tsp grounded
3 cloves (like 1/8 tsp grounded)
3 cups of brown sugar (or white sugar) at taste
water until cover the fruit and a cuple more for the evaporation.

Cut all in small dices ( I never peel the apples or the pears), simmer for 30 minutes, and serve it hot. Watch your mouth!! If it is too sweet add more water.

I just would like someone to bring me a nice cup of it right now. I'm going to see what fruits I find today when I go out and try making it (my version). Hopefully we'll be getting pictures of the festivities soon.


  1. I call it fat peppers but it are rounded, black and fragant like pepper seeds (in fact, I think are pepper). Becky, can you help me with the translation of this?
    I hope you like it much as I do.
    The pics are on the mailbox.

  2. Hello, everybody!
    Just for your peace of mind: when Gaby says "fat peppers", she actually means that spice you know as "all spice".
    Love, love, love

  3. Oh, I should have known that you wouldn't put a black peppercorn in a fruit punch, but I thought it was some magic flavor. Allspice - ok. I have all the spices but ground already except. We'll see how mine works. I got the fruits but no time today.

  4. Again me: Dina pointed me something important: You can prepare it with dehydrated fruit ok?

  5. This is the web log Supreme Director writing this, and I find Sra. Gabriela's traditional beverage extremely interesting. I will definitely make it this month, Gaby.

    And it obviously leads Galindos and Windhams into an INTERNATIONAL TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY PUNCH EXCHANGE.

    By my count, Windhams have made the same version of the old English wassail for 38 consecutive years in too many houses to count. Wassail has been such a consistent factor in our lives, I am hoping we can show the recipe, and maybe a photo of a wassail bowl on this web log for sweet Gaby.

  6. If the Supreme Director wishes it, so it will be. But all of you will have to wait until I have a little energy.

    After thinking about both recipes, I think wassail is for drinking and the holiday punch is more for eating with a spoon, so they can complement each other. I have fruits, juices, spices, and especially Agostura bitters just waiting for time.

  7. Also, I believe we were introduced to this recipe in 1968 or 1969 while living in that apartment on Club Drive. I distinctly remember the incidence of the church ladies in Trion enjoying it a little too much. So it may have been 39 or 40 consecutive years.

  8. I´m speaking for Dina when I say: "We can´t wait for this recipe" Maybe we can enjoy it on Christmas night with our family, do you think it will be nice complementing tamales?; it will be a nice surprise for everyone.
    Tank you in advance.