Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Diablo Has Been Burned - Pictures Added

Gaby sent me some pictures of the festivities of Quema del diablo and some more interesting facts, and I'll get them up later. Here's the most important one.

Right now, I seem to have work to do. I'd rather watch Stella romp through the house chasing a ping-pong ball and listen to the rain if I had a choice though.

Ok. Now a little more time. This is what the pinatas looked like earlier.

Gaby's words:

The celebration: Every family used to make their own fire, it is not a ceremony in fact it is more like a tradition; my grandaddy used to swept all the garden looking for leaves or little branches to burn at 6:00 pm o´clock, and every family in the block used to do the same thing: old news papers, branches, leaves, acorns, in fact all organic; (well always been ugly people who burns trash or tires, I hate that). This celebration is the beginning of the holidays, we start to eat tamales, punch, cocoa ( we call it chocolate) it is the beverage; nuts, marshmallows (I love them), candies. Uhhh it is the beginning of the extra pounds hahahahaha.

The piñatas: A lot of families, usually the poor ones use to make the piñatas for an extra money, they sell them in the street in the sidewalk. Every one costs depending the size, in the picture this pair cost Q50 like $6.25, we used to do it for Alejandro, I´m aware of the pollution it means.

The diablo doesn't stand a chance with Alejandro - check out the weapon!

Not much left. Only goodness remaining for the Christmas season.

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  1. If somebody is wondering why have a 7 in the leg, it means he is condemned to be burned the dec 7.
    He is a devil you know?
    Love Gaby