Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1

It's time to get all the orange and brown put up and bring out the red and green and gold.

I don't want to ......

It just seems such a daunting job. I can handle decorating the trees and tables and even the mantle, but I hate wreaths and mailboxes. It usually turns bitterly cold the day I get ready to do outside decorating. And now it's raining. And things just don't seem to work out for me. My bows aren't all the same size/color/type. I don't have the same size/type/color wreath for every window. These windows are all metal so the only way to hang them is from suction or adhesive hooks, and we all know how dependable those are. I was lucky last year, but now I have to start over.

The mailbox is the worst. You're out there by the street struggling with wire and bows and fake holly for the whole world to see. Then when it's just right and you go inside, you look out later and see the bow dangling about halfway down and the greenery stuck out at all angles.

My free time today I spent doing the kitchen and dining room. It makes such a mess taking it all out and putting up what you don't want, but I got the 2 tables fixed and the Christmas mugs ready by the coffee pot.

I did get Darby's Christmas bed out too. She seems to be having to share it with Stella.

Or maybe it's Stella's, and she's letting Darby touch it.

I didn't make this for the animals. It was a former 1980's tree skirt - and very much in style once upon a time - I think. Along with ducks and hearts and blue and rabbits and gingham. It was there for a lot of memories through the years.

Anyway, it's a start. Maybe I'll do better tomorrow.

This is what went on just now. It makes the evening a little more exciting to pretend there's a mouse under the cloth.

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