Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back to the Mall

For someone who isn't buying gifts this year, I sure am doing a lot of shopping. Or wandering in malls. I was so busy taking pictures this morning that I got lost in Eastdale (I think that's the name) Mall and ended up going in circles. I kept seeing the same things and ended up in a food court that I didn't even know existed.

I was mainly picking up a few things for Mama and some forgotten stocking things, but just one little item can send you on a major trip.

This is how you navigate a mall.

As soon as I walked into Belk, this woman on the PA was yelling "Bama fans. Just in. Some red shirt (not really but I didn't understand what she was saying) has just arrived. Hurry and get yours." This is what I saw then.
As I left, it was totally dismantled. I didn't take pictures because I was scared someone would see me and go ballistic. Tempers were certainly flaring, and people were grabbing handfuls.

The mall was - umm - active. Noisy, yelling, music. But fun too if you're not having to stand in line for Santa or seriously SHOP.

I found out that Santa is an Auburn fan. At least his helper is.

Every year, I give the "children" an ornament for their trees, but I've had an awful time this year. The last two years, I gave Emily and Ryan these quirky Krinkles reindeer, figuring I would do it for 4 years until they had the whole collection. They just make us laugh. I certainly didn't pay the price listed on this web site - not even half that. When I went to order this year, the artist had made them larger and way upped the price. What a bummer. Oh well. I guess they can enjoy those 4 until I can find them on E-Bay maybe.

Elise likes cat ornaments, and you'd think that would be easy, but so far I haven't seen anything I liked.

The Snowbabies ornament that I wanted to get Stephanie was sold out on line, and no place in Montgomery carries them. So I've just been apathetic on that, hoping maybe one might just appear in front of me somewhere.

I always get Gray an Auburn ornament whether he wants it or not. He has the first one his grandparents gave him when he was a baby - a little handpainted wooden football player. I don't think they're allowed on the Snowbaby tree. Sometimes he gets a beagle.

I don't think anyone is going to be mad if they don't get their just-right ornament this year - or if they'll even notice.


  1. I WILL notice, Mama, if I don't get the "perfect" cat ornament. Reason being: you've always been the best mama in the world to come up with & make Christmas/holiday traditions for us (older now) kids (sniff, sniff). I can't wait to see you, the pets, Em & Ry, Granddaddy & Debby, & the rest of the family (Uncle Alan & Aunt Kathy, Gray & Stephanie.
    Missing Thanksgiving with everybody in my family this year has made me sooooo grateful for ya'll, & so thankful that I'm blessed to have such a loving family. I'm a little sentimental tonight....sorry. And I can't wait for Taco Soup, Cranberry Cookies, Wassail, & all the other "TRADITIONAL" treats that you make at Christmas. I just threw in the Cranberry Cookies, hoping that you might/maybe/please make a batch. I'll help when I get there, okay? Anyway, I just needed to publicly announce what an incredible Mama you've always been to us, especially at Christmas-time , because it's absolutely true, and I love you very, very much. P.S. If you make the Cranberry Cookies, I'll somehow make the Christmas tree magically appear, fully decorated. No joking....those cranberry cookies are soooo good, unlike, I'm sure, those Cottage Cheese/Ricotta Cheese cookies I've been hearing about. Love you much, Mama, and I can't wait to see you!
    P.P.S. I think Gaby's mother's fruit punch might have to join our old traditions!
    Merry Christmas and love to all,

  2. A sweet (but manipulative) daughter. Cranberry cookies maybe if you help. I already have cranberry bread. Will that do? No, there's something about those cookies. Can't wait for everyone to get here.

  3. Becky: I can´t blame her, sounds nice treats.
    Now: Can you post the cranberry bread and cranberry cookies recipe? Pleeeeeeassseee?? Hahahahaha, another 2 recipes for my collection, or if you want, we can exchange it for my chocolate-banana cake and the jell-o cake recipe.