Wednesday, December 2, 2009

100% Chance of Rain

I may have scandalized Mama by going to bring in the paper in my pajamas, and I may further scandalize her by working in them all day.

It just seems appropriate.

And coffee in a Christmas mug.
And I'm loving it.


  1. Becky: I always enjoy your pictures and stories, this is a wonderful time and you make it even special; we don´t have thanksgiving day, I think it is a shame, but now is close the "Quema del diablo" the translation aprox. is: "The burn of the devil", is the 7 of dec. the people use to burn piñatas of he devil who simbolize the taking away of the bad spirits.
    Now, the food is awesome! Can I post our punch recipe? It is fruity, and in a cold day is very yummy. Let me know,
    love and pijamas.

  2. That would be great, Gaby. Email it to me and some more facts about the burn of the devil. Some pictures too, and we'll start a new holiday!