Sunday, November 8, 2009

Texas Happenings.

As promised, Halloween pictures of Doris and Jaime's Koko and Bella. No words needed.

Then I got this startling email from Mike and these pictures. No more words needed from me except I'm glad I didn't know beforehand.

----Larry is a good friend at work. He is an electronics engineer.
After having gotten his pilot's license some years ago, he built his own plane.
We have been trying to work out a time for him to take me up, and finally got together last weekend. I drove over to Lubbock (where he lives, and where the plane is hangared), and we took off from Lubbock International. Lubbock International is not a really is int'l.

I flew it about 70 miles-from Littlefield to Plainview, Texas. It is an amazing piece of machinery. Holds two people with plenty of room for luggage. Around 500 mile range, and cruises at around 160 mph.

Nice day, nice guy

Larry looks like he could use a cup of coffee. Or maybe it's terror. Mike supposedly was operating the plane while he was taking pictures.

I need to ask questions. Is all that blue water? ( Just found out: Evaporative water treatment ponds at ACG!) I love the geometric designs of the fields. It's just too perfect!

It seems to be Littlefield to the left and ACG to the right.

West Texas in the late afternoon sun.

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  1. Wow! Those photos from the air are amazing!