Friday, November 6, 2009

A Small Thing

I got this in the mail today - as did a number of other people, I'm thinking!

Just a tiny rectangle of paper. But so much hard work and smartness and prayers and sacrifice and more hard work made it possible.

She loves the clinic and says we can have some pictures soon. There is a new website here.

Wonder if her patients know her "other side."

And it begins --- with a stack of papers to be filled out and signed. Then the sign will go up, and this house will officially be for sale. Panic time. The carpentry work is finished, the carpets are cleaned, 4 doors are painted. Almost there.

She's ready to go... Me? I'm just weary and needing a few more hours in my day.


  1. WELL.

    I don't know what to say, and that is not a happy thing for me.

    I went to this "new site", and in the staff section it says Emily's name. It doesn't tell anything about her, or (extremely oddly) doesn't mention anything about me.

    But why, oh why, did they decide to do the little silhouettes, instead of just putting photos on there?

  2. I missed that the first time. I definitely think Emily's little silhouette is the cutest though.

  3. ha! I checked it out too. I agree that her silhouette is the best! Yay Emily!!