Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sink Kitty

I'm always wishing my cats would do something interesting or funny, but they just stare at me when I mention it.

Elise, however, caught Miss Kitty taking a sink nap and daring anyone to think it was not her new place.


  1. Love these! Miss Kitty is such a beauty!

  2. She's a sweet Georgia girl, still wondering what she's doing living in Texas. But pretty obviously very comfortable.

  3. Kitty's real name is "Mick", but she was originally named the boring, unoriginal, "Kitty", by her previous owner, so she still responds better to "Kitty", unfortunately. These things are SO important to know, right? (haha). Thank you, Lydia, for the compliment....she IS the most photogenic cat I've ever had the PRIVELEGE to know. And thank you, Mama, for giving Mick an entire blog entry. Nothing less for Mick, or any other cat, for that matter. :) Love to all,

  4. What an excellent kitty!!!