Monday, November 16, 2009

New Week

I'm not doing well lately with keeping up with writing about what happens around here. Mainly because nothing does - worth writing about.

But it was a good week and weekend. I touched base with lots of friends and family members by e-mail and phone.

Mama and I went to church. I've stayed in the nursery so much lately that it was strange to be in the congregation. Once again, I was so thankful that I've gotten to know this nice group of people and get my weekly allotment of hugs and smiles.

Mike sent me this beautiful picture of the sunrise he saw on the way to work. If I ever get moved out there, this may be worth getting up early for. Well, 7 a.m. - that's not too early

I talked briefly to Emily yesterday. She and Ryan were taking an afternoon drive into the mountains, and they were running into snow. I could tell by her voice how beautiful it was. They were going to try to find some snow for their South Dakota dog to run around in and remember his puppyhood.

This is a busy week. I need to mail a package today and go back to the library. The books and CDs and cassettes I got this last time were pretty much all duds. After the good luck in the weeks before, I was pretty let down. I had a lot of painting to do, and I couldn't concentrate because of wondering how such bad/boring writers were allowed to be published. I think out of 5, I listened to one all the way through. Maybe I'll have better luck today.

It's the beginning of the new work week, I have my time sheet all finished for this time period (no panic), and my coffee ready for a nice morning of translation dictation. I appreciate the fact that the ESL doctors have learned another language and pretty much enjoy typing them, but I wish they would slow down. The word I heard last night that made me pause and listen again was "a-NAL-gisix" - just a prettier way to say analgesics.

There is probably one doctor on every account I have who can dictate a report in 30 seconds, and you cannot pick out one word he says - doesn't even try. My gripe with this is that he is not asked to slow down and dictate something we can understand, but our quality people have to receive his blank-filled reports from us (after we, who work for pennies a line, have strained our ears for valuable minutes) and then spend their valuable time trying to figure out something to send back to him. And the QA folks fuss at us for not trying harder - but not too much. Those doctors are usually the ones who complain the loudest when there is a mistake on their reports.

Let me hear what everyone is doing today. I know Teresa is flying from Denver to Ellijay, GA, for a girls' week in a mountain home. Hard to top that. Unless I make it to the library with my books this time - that will be an accomplishment.

Sherry is too modest to say what she's been up to, but she has once again turned out some beautiful things here. It makes me too jealous to hear how she might be spending her morning: Either working in a quilt shop (how tedious!) or up in the quilting room with any number of kitties watching or sleeping, doing what she enjoys.


  1. I always enjoy what you write! Don't think it is not worth writing about.
    Let's see, I'm using my time while Jacob is in preschool this week to finish up some embroidery orders. My parents are flying in Saturday night, so we'll look forward to that as well. Not a whole lot else going on! my husband has been working crazy hours at work and he'll finally be back to normal schedule this week-I hope! Guess I'll have to start 'cooking' dinner again-or at least my version of preparing a meal. hahaha!
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Sounds like an ideal day to me, Lydia. Don't you love those mornings to yourself? I have this fall memory of taking the 2 older kids to preschool - before Emily was born - on a rainy morning and stopping by the fabric store on the way home, knowing I had almost 3 hours to sew. I even remember the fabrics: browns and beiges and corals. I was going to make a stuffed turkey. It was so cute but obviously beyond my skills, because it sat around unfinished for several more falls until I finally got rid of it. I'd love to find that pattern again. I have an order for you soon. The expected baby is a Tiger, so we'll see what you come up with. I even know his name. It can be after Christmas!

  3. I have another looongg day of orientation at MHMR today....first on the schedule: The History of MHMR (Mental Health/Mental Retardation....ugh!) But I'm very grateful to have gotten my foot in the door and I'm very excited to start this job. But...Mama...I would LOVE to work at home...what could be better? No make-up? No problem. Time for a second cup of coffee? No problem. Want kitties for compantions? No shortage there, right? Hope everybody has a good morning! And Emily & Ryan: I want mountain pictures! Please post or email!! Love to all,

  4. After that orientation, now I'll expect you to be more understanding and patient with me!

    Working at home is good, but I used to be more disciplined, and now I let myself be interrupted too much. At least if you're away at work, you know what you're supposed to be doing and don't get distracted by doorbells and phones and laundry and the coffee maker and animals and walking by the sewing chair with lamp and needlework waiting and knowing you can't sit there - well sometimes you can ....

  5. I still vote to work at home....haha! Lise

  6. This is Raheem from the Democratic People's Republic of Kuwait. That photograph of the sun rising is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Who is the professional photographer who composed this lovely work of art? I must meet this man, and I hope to study one day at his feet, as he clearly is a master of color, composition, and artistic flair.

    Raheem Abdul Raheem

  7. Raheem! What an honor. I know this man personally, and I will send him to you to study in your country. He will need to live in your home and eat your food until you feel like your knowledge is complete.