Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Land 'O Lakes

I have NO idea.

I was just now passing through the sunroom on my way to do some laundry, and Darby ran to the back door like she wanted to go out. I saw something in her mouth that wasn't shaped liked one of her animals. She gave me the "Don't see me" look and turned her head. On closer inspection, it was a nice new stick of butter.

I 've thought and thought about where she could have gotten it. She did make a trip through the kitchen to clean the cat bowl, and I suppose she got it there. The last time I touched butter was about an hour ago when I was making room for a bowl of peas and moved some things around. I guess I could have dropped it then, but that's a pretty big thing to be laying on the floor unnoticed. But then I'm trying to do 100 things at once to get ready for our trip tomorrow.

Anything but butter, and I would have let her have her treasure, but I don't believe I want to travel tomorrow with a dog who has eaten a half a cup of Land 'O Lakes.

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