Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jacob the Cow

Beautiful creations by Lydia - the costume and that cute little face.

Small cows can never have too much security.


  1. Aww! A whole post just for my baby!! Thanks!!!!

  2. Jacob is soooo cute, Lydia! And you MADE the costume?!!! Nice! And it looks so comfortable for him to wear, too, with his little tennis shoes! I always thought it was so sad to see kids dressed up for Halloween, but so miserable in their itchy, too-big or too-small, too-hot or too-cold costumes that they couldn't enjoy their experience. I guess my mom has a soft spot for little boys in homemade Halloween costumes, hence the entire blog just for Jacob the Cow! Lydia: Did my mom ever tell you that she had a friend in college that named one of his cows, "Becky"? I think Timmy and his parents lived on a farm and actually named the cow AFTER my mom. Hey, Mama.......I hope that wasn't a secret...hee....Love to all,

  3. Well, a secret? I guess not. I haven't thought about it in decades though. A very pretty red and white cow. Calfie's baby. I thought it was a great honor.

    I'm not a fan of ALL cow costumes, but this one is precious, and Jacob just makes it more so.

    I saw no costumes this year in person that impressed me; of course, we only had 10 or 12 to come Trick or Treating. If Em and Karen will let me, I'll put their picture up today - and I'm still waiting for one of the TOT'g chihuahuas.

  4. Thanks! Ya'll are too sweet! :-)