Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coffee Decadence

Cinnamon Roll coffee? Gingerbread coffee? Autumn Harvest. Can it get any better than this?
I met Debby at Mimi's at East Chase for lunch today, and she had a surprise for me - several, in fact. She and Mike are making sure I'll not lack for good coffee experiences. I think it's a conspiracy. There were some samples of these seasonal coffees with a beautifully-wrapped piece of candy that I hated to unwrap - for about 2 minutes.

Then for my birthday - I may can stretch it out to Christmas at this rate - she gave me a holder for all those little K-cups that are so hard to store. She must know that when reach in my cabinet, I sometimes have a cascade of little plastic cups tumbling out when I'm searching for what I want.
Mama got a candy too.
She's such a good cousin. Thanks, Debby. And also for making me laugh a lot at lunch. We kind of planned our Thanksgiving dinner that we're going to put together. I can't wait. There aren't too many of us. We're both husband-less at the moment, and my children are scattered all over the country, but we have her boys, Hunter and Clark, and Mama, and hopefully another cousin Bobby will join us and take us exploring around the lake where his parents had a cabin in the 50s and 60s. We'll have way too much good food and stay up late talking. We'll see if we can prod Mama's memory for some family secrets. Maybe the promise of that would lure Sherry and David to come for dinner. Mike will be in Issaquah for Emily and Ryan's Thanksgiving feast. Wish I could be both places.

When I got home, there was a For Sale sign in my front yard. I knew it would be there, but it still surprised me. Tomorrow is the day I spend the whole day wrapping up loose ends (hiding things) and getting ready just on the off chance that someone will come look in my corners and cabinets and behind the shower curtain and in the closets. Ugh.


  1. Oh. my. word! You lucky duck, you!! :-) Now you're getting seasonal coffee too? YUM-MY!
    We will be in Dothan for Thanksgiving then my son will stay with my in-laws for that next week. Yikes! What will I do with myself!?!?

  2. I bet you'll find something! That sewing machine will be working non-stop. You could stop by here and - what else? - drink coffee! (Autumn Harvest is delicious.)

    I'd LOVE to have a week of my own to do with what I wanted to. Treasure it.

  3. You did it!! You are actually selling your house!! Well done dear Becky, Mike told me you are very organized (I can bet it).

    Talking about quilting: I download "Quilting for dummies" maybe it help me to understand how to start. Any advice?

  4. Well, Gaby. I have my house for sale. Maybe no one will even look at it. But I'll try.

    Organized? Who said that?

    I will email you about quilting. Start very simply. Quilting For Dummies sounds like something I need to read too. That will give you a good start.

  5. Please, please, please save one of the flavored coffees for me, Mama! Or better yet, go right no ahead and just overnight them via UPS, haha! Gingerbread coffee sounds sooooo good,, all of them sound good! What, exactly, does "Autumn Harvest" taste like?

  6. It hard to describe tastes. I've never tasted a harvest, so I can't vouch for this being a true flavor, but Cinnamon Roll was surprisingly not sweet and had almost a bread aftertaste. I don't too much like French vanilla and caramel types. I guess you could have coffee tastings, like wine tastings, and pay attention to the differences, but I kind of like most all of them. Except blueberry, of course. That's just not right.