Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Time Again

Sweet Gabriela from Guatemala is having a birthday. Hope it's a happy one with lots of cake and celebration - and presents.

I was looking for a picture that I haven't used before. This may not be the latest one (I don't think she will argue today with taking off a year or so), but it's one of my favorites.

These two are now actors. Take a look at this.

I've never posted a video before, so I hope this will work. You have to pause and back up to fully appreciate the acting talents of this family. This is Gaby's description: Alejandro is next to me in red jacket and he looks very tired; can u notice this? Dina and Diego are too but they edited that part :( By the way Diego is very upset about this. It tooks 6 hours to recording the announcement, that´s why Alejandro looks so tired.

Six hours. Good grief. I can't imagine. I think it would have been even better with Diego and Dina in it.

I'd like to know what they're advertising. And I would really like some of those blue elf boots.


  1. Thank you so much for you nicest wishes, today I´m having for second time my sweet 15 again (YUCK!!! I´m not in my 20's anymore buaaaaa)
    You are so nice for thinking of me, thanks to you even the sweet uncle Fuddy-Duddy wrote to me to wish me a nice B-day.

    About the commercial: You are right, it would be better with Dina and Diego on it.
    This is a cellphone announcement, Santa is asking to the boy what he wants for Christmas, and he said: 1 million bucks!! Santa is trying to change his mind and the elf in the background yells: "So then, you should call to: XX-XX, and ready!!". I really don´t like this commercial in particular but Alejandro is happy with the money hahahahaha.
    The boots: Are just a shoe glove, just the front part, I could see the shoes behind this; very easy to sew, even for me (I can´t sew), so I imagine Becky can make some for us and for Darby hihihi.

    A lot of hugs
    Love Gaby.

  2. I hope you are having a happy day, and I loved the commercial. Just wish you and Alejandro could have been in it longer. So it's elf boots for everyone this Christmas. My cousin Ryan can make elf boots from napkins. I'll see if I can get those directions from him. I believe I have a picture of him showing Emily and Ryan B. how to make them.

  3. Best birthday wishes to our wonderful Guatemalan friend. We hope it is a very happy day for you on the 15 x 2.

    (By way of explanation for the entire internet: There are two sisters we know in Guatemala...Gabriela is the sweet one.)