Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunny Afternoon

After being huddled and curled up in the sunroom all night and the next morning, the animals figured the cold was here to stay, so they were pleasantly surprised to find such a nice afternoon for basking and licking and scratching various itchy places.

Since Sheepy got sent to the washing machine, Squirrel is the new favorite. I'm teaching her to put her toys in the toy bin when she comes in (something I failed to do with children). She's not sure about that, but she has mastered pulling them out very well.
We had a visit from Gray and Stephanie Saturday afternoon and got to meet Rascal in person.

Grandmama and her grand-beagle.

Rascal is not so sure he likes Mom loving on Darby. Darby is equally sure she's not crazy about beagles.

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